14th January 2023

Through every life-time there will be tests and challenges. These can be on many levels and may be the repeats of previous lives, following the stream of Karmic lessons. The experiences you encounter may be very extreme and probe your endurance to your deepest core.

Once you are able to develop less attachment to an experience, having previously responded only with the human reaction of victim, more comprehension reveals itself regarding the lesson you are dealing with. Once this happens clarity to right action shows itself, and the qualities of acceptance and endurance will give a sense of balance.

This may sound harsh, but no lessons can be completed until the issue has run its course regarding your particular experience. Avoidance is not an option.

The process of awakening is the growing awareness of the Spirit within, the Spirit which is your true self, and not the human form you inhabit at present.

All the while you regard your human shell as you, you will continue to feel burdened with the struggle of living. However, all things pass, but life on Earth will continue to test to the limit in pursuit for knowledge and wisdom, which will be fed into the collective consciousness.

All who are born are explorers in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding in the realm of matter.

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