15th January 2023

Every life runs through different cycles. There are small cycles and more that are extended, interlocking and overlaid, with many of the happenings taken for granted.

There are the daily rhythms/habits that are familiar and relied on, endorsing  a sense of structure, which when thrown out of sync can cause insecurity, irritation and confusion.

Going from the microcosm to the macrocosm, you are living in a period when many things  previously taken for granted are no longer flowing with the traditional rhythm, producing a sense of uncertainty and insecurity. Just as the individual is upset by the break in their normal rhythm, society is now reacting in a similar way. Old certainties have been challenged, bringing fear for the future.

Things will settle when there is the realisation that the greater good is more important than selfish wants. While there is an adjustment to the general thinking world wide, due to an awakening that is happening, creative ways will be found to alleviate many of the excesses of the past.

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