Dancing Energies

19th January 2023

The Universal Energies dance, and your Astrological names identify some of them. Your human form takes on the archetypal principles that are appropriate for that incarnation and the work you will be involved with. At birth, the positioning of the heavenly bodies give guidance to understand the Energy Dance of that particular life.

Through your Being you will react to and work with these energies to find ways to find harmony and balance, and this is the purpose of an Earthy incarnation.

The innate knowledge of your Spirit knows what you will work with so that you will eventually harmonise the impulses to create inner peace.

The physical circumstances you are born into and live through all have that aim, to lead you to find balance and inner peace as you weave your life through the interplay of everything you encounter.

At death there  is release from material form and an assessment of all experiences. All contacts and happenings have something to teach you when viewed from the spiritual perspective, and out of uncertainty and chaos, comes order.

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