Energy of Light

22nd January 2023

The energy of light is the fuel you work with. It is channelled through the mind with the concentration of thought.

While there are many forms of this energy, it is all emitted from the One Source. Just as you see different colours in a rainbow, so it is with the tools of light that are projected though the chakras. Each chakra and colour of light concentrates on different issues.

The mind is a most powerful instrument, and focus directs and stimulates the act of creation. Each Being is an instrument of The Mind of God, each playing their part in the collective consciousness of the Universe.

Where there is simplicity and clear focus of intent, the results will formulate effortlessly; but if the mind is clouded by doubt, judgment or emotion, partial results will disappoint. It takes a level of refinement to have the discipline of thought to apply focus.

The purpose of creation comes in many forms and the greatest instruments of control are Intent and Mind. The greater control there is, the sooner the desired effects will be achieved.

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