23rd January 2023

While the sands of time flow through the timer that is your physical life, the experience of the soul is a minute fraction in the span of experience of the learning. Time instills discipline and provides a structure to action. It focuses the mind and helps charter order.

While the physical image in a mirror reflects the time that is passing, the inner feelings and sense of self changes hardly at all; but this reflection provides an awareness of passing lessons being etched on the face.

The beauty of youth is a blank sheet, unmarked by experience: but each line that is etched on the visage is earned and reflected back at the world to show the essence of the life that has been lived.

Your culture wishes to eliminate and deny the passage of time, rather than honour a life well lived, and pretend eternal youth. It does not value age which brings knowledge, tolerance and kindness that can be bestowed when that is no judgement……only the compassion of experience.

Already the awareness of time is changing. This is due to the energy shifts which are happening effecting memories which are melding and occasionally lost with the recall of timing. There is a slow movement through 3rd and 4th dimensional experience into the 5th. Loss of memory is not necessarily forgetfulness, but the recognition of relevance to experience and lessons.

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