Deep Pain

28th January 2023

Deep pain can sometimes be held up as a badge of honour.

As you go through life you will go through experiences that will wound you deeply, and these may be physical, emotional and psychological. Healing may take a great amount of time on the path of self discover and unless there is a profound desire to heal and regain equilibrium, the pain will continue to fester. 

Childhood memories can cut deep into the psyche as a result of careless words spoken and remembered as a representation of an absolute truth. 

Because young children are open and vulnerable they lack the protection of self-awareness, and these scars can last a life-time. Memories can be keenly associated with the sense of identity when they do not allow the understand of maturity, when comprehension, compassion and forgivingness could enable healing.

These deep wounds do represent major life lessons during an incarnation and formulate the grounds of wisdom once you are able to view from the position of understanding the internal strife of the perpetrators of that pain.

As you develop the ability to hold onto inner peace, a higher perspective can be discovered regarding all the hurts you have received through life. 

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