3rd February 2023

How do you see the future unfold for the human condition? Have you seen and understood the principles for uniting consciousness through the disruption and rejection of the status quo to enable a uniting force, or as the destruction and end of the World?

In fact it is neither of these things. The world you have known is being shaken up in order to be rebuilt. The phoenix will rise from the ashes of everything that has been destroyed.

The transition will only be easy if you are able to let go of everything you have held tightly to for security and comfort, if not, the ride will be harder.

Rather like the leaves falling from a tree when the annual cycle is over, they fall naturally and eventually settle with all with all their beauty and colour on the ground. Other leaves have to be shaken and blown by winds and gales having held tenaciously to the old supply of nutrient. When they land they are just as beautiful as the other leaves that fell naturally with all their essence intact but the moisture has been withdrawn, and united they will form the compost for the coming year’s growth, to be reabsorbed into the roots and a new cycle.

The current period of man is like the leaves shaken from the tree. The main support is still there but the individual expressions have fulfilled their purpose and disconnected from the parent plant. When this disconnection happens the leaf does not regret; it is all part of an ongoing cycle.

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