Changing Times

11th February 2023

The bright light of a new dawn is coming. All the disruptions that have been experienced over the last few years have been preparing the ground for new beginnings. 

It would be impossible for society to recreate and continue with the old ways which no longer serve the common good. Selfishness, corruption, waste and indifference will no longer be tolerated for exposure has revealed the negative side of human nature.

With knowledge now available the tools are there to adjust the imbalances that have come about, and all can take on a new mantle of responsibility in creating the society that is envisioned.

Change will not happen over night for many attitude and behaviours are intrenched, but transformation is now possible via the dissemination of knowledge through technology.

Seeds need the right environment to germinate and the ground is being prepared. Gentle nurturing is required during the initial stages.

The changes will take time, but these will be accelerated through future generations returning with the full awareness of innate knowledge accrued during previous lives.

Balance and harmony comes through the appreciation and understanding of how the many experiences of selfishness, folly and injustice are the result of individualisation, so that you recognise the the oneness of all.

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