The Body

21st February 2023

The physical body is the densest manifestation of the spirit while living in the realm of density. To be overly concerned with the physical is to rely on a limited aspect of self.

Balance through the etheric, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body is a manifestation of your source and mastery. To ignore any one of these will lead to ill health for all are interconnected.

As the years pass you observe the physical changes, and these reflect the development through life experiences. Physical limitations will engender learning and indicate life lessons. Through the effects on the body you have visual evidence of the the journey. Neglect and abuse leaves evidence as do care and self respect.

It is via the body that creation is manifest through the skills developed, urged on through interest and intent, coming from the inspirational nature of the soul.

The Emotional and Mental bodies form judgement and react. Inspiration comes from insights with innate knowledge and information coming from your very essence

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