24th February 2023

Everyone and everything has something to say. Communication is in the very nature of all creation. Interaction forms a bond of relationship and all of nature reflects this.

Verbal communication is the form you are most familiar with, but the sensitivities are developing more and more with non verbal awareness.

Atmospheres and energies can be felt all around and with the increased sensitivities, the truth of information you receive becomes more apparent.

Intolerance of disharmony becomes more acute, and situations that were once tolerated are no longer acceptable. This is causing many breakup in relationships. To be in a place of inner peace and balance, jarring vibrations impede the ability to think.

This is not just happening between humans, but the whole of Nature is resonating and adjusting to discomfort and instability. The Earth itself is shifting under pressure from within, and in response to the external world.

Movement is in constant flow though the interconnectedness on all levels of communication.

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