12th March 2023

Creation comes through conceptualising and focused thought.  Shape coalesces from the power that is generated. All the while the thought is unclear, filled with uncertainty, actualisation is delayed or even sabotaged.

Clear intent is the power of the magician when focus is not deviated, diverted by distraction. Ask any craftsmen this and they will reply that focused commitment is required to reach a standard of excellence.

This is true when visualising a peaceful world. The vision must be held with trust and carried forward.

Macrocosm and microcosm all rely on the commitment of intent and belief that peace will happen. All the while you do not believe or trust that mankind can live harmoniously together, finding ways to adjust and compromise, there will always be struggle and discord.

Living your own life with peaceful intents, without the need to dominate while living your truth with integrity, you assist in the realisation towards the bigger picture. Small things add to the greater whole.

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