Why am I Here?

14th March 2023

Life on Earth is learning to adjust and find balance between the Individual with the Collective in a testing environment.

Each life experience will provide a selection of energies that are attuned to, worked and manipulate and are indicated through Astrological knowledge.

The work is on many levels and the initial testing in each life is to create inner harmony and peace. Unless that work is done with a growth in understanding and awareness, there is not the inclination to look beyond the self towards the greater good.

Inner discord makes it hard to view and understand that you are dealing with a larger picture, where you are able to extend your creative force beyond the immediate wants and aspirations of self. Those who are at peace with themselves have no wish to create discord in the lives of others.

It is through the interplay of individuals in the collective that cause opportunities of growth through knowledge and awareness by ways of challenge, adding to the consciousness of the interplay potentials of the material world. You work to combined your various bodies (physical, emotional, mental and etheric) that make you up your individuality.

This journey will never end as the energies interweave to form a Great Universal Tapestry that comes through the human experience.

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