Moving On

21st March 2023

Aeons have passes since there has been the opportunity for the human race to be ready to move forward.

You are living through a time that is the most unstable it has been on all levels of experience. A madness has been released which has exposed so much that was hidden in the undercurrent of society and the darker aspects of human nature.

It is through the work of the Light-workers  who have channelled energy that have bought illumination into the consciousness of the world, and the awakening of awareness of creative potential.

There is a back-lash of control and discord being sewn by a small number who would try to hold back change, but their efforts continue to reveal inequality and injustice into the light of day.

Take courage that the onward movement is in progress towards a more balanced, tolerant and enlightened society. The malcontents who continue to cause disruption and discord are few in number and are being exposed.

Hold onto the vision of a united world and the brotherhood of humanity.

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