22nd March 2023

Cheers go up for the changes that will begin to happen in the not too distant future. For a while now the atmosphere has been that of impending disaster, that a point of no return has been reached.

The process of creation is an eternal flow of movement, potential and change, offering renewed challenges to be confronted. It is an ongoing process of possibilities to be confronted, testing resources and overcoming in a process that never ceases.

The human mind wishes for stability and certainty because the Earth experience is that of utilising matter and form, but if nothing changes, there would only be limitation and stagnation.

Creating is an ongoing process, ever changing and leading to transformation.

While going through worrying and difficult times, try to understand that everything you experience has meaning. The evolving process is that of eternal life. Disintegration is a signal of coming change with its potential of new vistas and movement.

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