Exciting Times

24th March 2023

Throughout history during each epoch different concerns are addressed in the development of human consciousness, which assists the rising level of vibration in this position of the galaxy. It is a constant aspect of creation that will never cease. While some issues are a constant regarding aspects of human nature, the challenges you confront will change progressively.

Every Being incarnates to work in their own particular field that will assist in the transformation of the realm of matter. While immersed in the chores of daily living it is hard to observe there is more involved, that there are greater meanings behind the trials each endures within a part of a greater cosmic initiative. This concept is outside the normal petty human concerns which tend to be totally focused on life’s personal problems.

To break through the restrictions that the world of form and matter imposes, new insights are being fed through the increase of energies that are happening now. These insights will give the Tools of Change to take you forward to new levels of consciousness.

The material world continues to offers many distraction, so that multiple life-times have been lived with little change in the raising of consciousness. These distraction increase with each generation as you become more materialistic.

The Universe is now sending an increase of energy to assist in the breakthrough of understanding on a global scale. The instability of present time will force adjustment to attitudes and expectation. While this might be very uncomfortable, it will also be liberating from being stuck in the old ways of being.

These are indeed exciting and challenging times to be “alive!”

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