Clarity of Mind

26th March 2023

It is hard to have clarity of mind if it is blocked with anger and resentment. These emotions cloud the mind and restrict the ability to see a broader picture.

To have clarity enables the thinking to reach out and see a wider visa of possibility. Trials do have purpose which enable perception of a deeper and more profound purpose within an experience that has caused much distress.

The journey through an incarnation is to confront challenges and obstacles as you learn to understanding the human experience though the difficulties. You are required to find solutions that will enrich and not destroy.

It is part of the creative process that all have come to experience, and a life without challenges is one of indolence and decadence for little will be achieved or learnt.

When difficulties arise, try not to fall into a mentality of vengeance or self-pity. Calm the emotions and be creative in finding a solution.

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