28th March 2023

Creation starts with imagination. Without that initial spark nothing would come into form. You cannot create the future without the imagined impulse of seeking the new, and with the united effort of many minds in accord a new reality comes into existence.

This is how the collective consciousness works, with the united effort holding the picture together with the same intent. When there is a common theme in the imagining the actualisation manifests more clearly.

You will recognise that you create everyday, whether cooking, designing something or making a journey. Thought and imagination is needed to produce a desired effect.

The Universal Dream all have is that of a more loving and kinder world, A Golden Age. But it is not something that will be given to you, your task is to create it.

When you think on a greater scale as a collective you bring into form an environment that is produce of that thought. The influence of many will not be the ideal of the individual, hence the unexpected and unforeseen results. So movement toward a desired goal will have twists, deviations and reversals, but the ongoing thrust is still there if the vision has clarity.

Cooperation and holding the dream is a lesson to be learnt with tolerance and patience.

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