10th April 2023

Within the inner sanctum of the heart is the essence of Being. There you will find the pre-eminent spirit. While shrouded by the mass of the human form this vivifying energy of your creativity is to be found. That spark of your divinity is what drives purpose to existence. 

There is nothing in the entire Universe that does not contain this force, this need for expression that will roll on for ever. The lateral or sequential perception of “time” has no meaning. Just to exist implies the outward compulsion to move and change.

Evolution come through this impulse to continually grow and change to a level of transformation whether that occurs through disintegration or divergence in the course of development.

In the 3rd Dimensional World you play with the elements available, but in other dimensional levels there are different criteria to be worked with.

Infinity is such a hard concept to grasp with  the human mind, but more are growing towards the acceptance that there are multiple alternative realities that at present you are unable to conceive of.

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