Inner Peace

11th April 2023

The light of truth is available to all who are open with minds not distorted by the clouds of emotions that have warped judgment.

With inner peace you have access to that clarity of thought which is needed so that observation is sharper through simplicity and empathy. Expectation and judgement can always be a stumbling block to the truth. When there is openness, there is a flow of spirit to unite with the understanding of the oneness of all.

Separation comes through a judgement that does not recognise that all are equal in the united human experience. When you cannot recognise the beauty and value of differences and challenges, then you are rules by fear, and this will lead to all the problems that come your way.

There will never be a peaceful world if separation is the goal. Maturity embraces compromise and adaption with the celebration of difference.

All the while you fear the future and not recognise the opportunities of now, your true potential is not being honoured. However wretched your present life experience is, there is always much to be appreciated and a route through and out of difficulties. Your creative powers and action are being called on. All the while you regard yourself as a victim, you creation your own limitation.

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