What is Life?

16th May 2023

In the greater scheme of things, all will eventually run its course towards the transfer to a new State of Being. This can be likened to evolution, but is on a greater scale than human imaginings.

The Universe ebbs and flows with energies interweaving and creating Form. Individual essences unite and grow into new expressions of “Life”. The process is limitless and eternal.

To understand the immense grandeur of the creative process cannot be grasped from the limited ability of the human mind, because the ultimate function is from the consciousness of Group. Individuals see a tiny script due to the function of individuation, where there develops a need for the  concentration of conscious intent.

The tapestry of the human race offers opportunities to develop along lines of development, bringing colour and the diversity of form.

There is a purpose to everything that happens however you justify or experience it. Nothing is random. The whole object of the exercise is experience, and to watch how the results unfold. One thing will always lead to another continually into infinity.

What happens on this tiny speck in the Universe that you call Earth influences the totality of the whole, and similar things happen throughout the entirety of “Space” where there are different experiences of “Reality”.

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