18th May 2023

Time as you know it has little meaning in the process of creation. Like an unfurling tapestry the interwoven happenings create Form in diverse ways.

A picture to bring an understanding of the magnitude of the entire Universe fails due to the limits of the human mind, because the vocabulary does not exist in 3rd and 4th dimensional reality.

What exists depends on the stance of perception, and you can only have understanding in relation to your experience.

The ability to see connections assists in recognising relationships, and this takes you forward in the raising of a consciousness that will dissolve restrictions to understanding, which will then lead to an awareness of a greater picture.

Life in human form provides so many opportunities to a multitude of experiences pertaining to the material world, but there are limits. You cannot see the bigger picture. It is when the barriers are no longer there between each life-time, a greater understanding becomes available.

Before each life there is planning for the next incarnation. During each life there are particular tasks to perform to add to the greater consciousness of the totality of all.

However hard or easy your life on Earth might be, learn to enjoy all that you can, for nothing last or has to be endured for ever.

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