The News

7th May 2022

The Mass Media works with the mode of sensation. News is only regarded as interesting if it is sensational, negative, critical, or destructive. To find  the analytical presentation of facts requires greater diligence that most are prepared to employ. Good news is rarely reported unless there is a dramatic slant, and soon drowned out by another drama.

To see positive change happening, look to see it in the minutia of daily living. Those things that truly matter are experienced in your personal life, with acts of kindness and personal successes, problems overcome and goals achieved.

To cease listening assiduously to the daily outpourings of the media is the way  to find that you have a better balance. Of course you need to know and understand  the implications of world events, and understand the part you play.

The world is changing and you are witnessing the “swan song”of old values played out by those who fear and resist change.. Do not be discouraged, for karma will run it’s course, and the new is opening up daily.

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2 responses to “The News”

  1. Our minds are working in sync, as this topic was going to be the basis of my post today.


  2. That is interesting, we must be tuning into the same energy!

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