Surfing the Energies

1st March 2023

The nodal points represent changes in the flow of energy with the pulse of life. Everything has a season, a pulse of growth and decline, similar to breathing.

Time and timing offer opportunities and completion which engenders knowledge and awareness. While there are exceptions to every rule, the mass influence remains the same for all beings.

It takes courage to leave the fold if you feel you are following a path that is alien to your nature, and unless the individual is able to break away from preset moulds, they will be restricted by the norms of expectation and follow the herd.

Like surfers “catching the wave”, this pulse is represented by the nodal movements. Life can be embraced when the timing is there for your particular journey.

Changing times brings opportunities to alter the course of life, and it is for the individual to embrace the impulse of flowing energies which can carry them forward to greater achievement.

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2 responses to “Surfing the Energies”

  1. Is your Source speaking of the North and South Nodes?


  2. Yes, North and South Nods with relationship to eclipses.


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